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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bloggery/Video- EatFiend Is Wasted With BornRetard

Everyone loves a good shit show...
So let's begin, shall we?
 Met up with BornRetard at the Belching Beaver, located off El Cajon boulevard and 30th street.
Right by Crazy Burger. 
BornRetard filter. Apparently he was already 5 pints deep before we showed up.
 Lovers in the night.
 Headed over to ItWasTheLight's pad to do some partying and right off the bat BornRetard needed to charge his leash so he could blast some Screwdriver.
 Totally sober!
 We were trying our best too ignore, but I simply couldn't. BornRetard is just a floating trainwreck waiting to happen.
 Work table.
 Then the shit show commenced. I fed him Fireball. 
What's the worst that could happen?
 Watching rap videos.
  And the shit show commenced.
 So it goes...
 "I need another beer."
 Couldn't even make it to the balcony, like back in the day.
 Time to get this guy an Uber home.
 It took some convincing, 'cuz we wanted to go to Gillys and this drunk asshole most likely wouldn't be let in.
 At the moment I was pissed he got a Meat Men t-shirt before me.
So, fast forward to 30 minutes and two Uber cabs later (the first Uber split at the sight of BornRetard).
We finally ended up at BornRetards place, he was so wasted he was mumbling his street address.
In the process of him getting out of the cab, he fell on his head and lost his shoe at the same time. I started taking pictures since he landed right in front of the cabs lights. (my Droid has no flash)
It took some encouraging...
... he wasn't psyched that we were taking him home. He kept saying: "Reeeeeally? Yer gunna do dis to meh?" I assumed he didn't want to go home since he always seems to be in the doghouse with his 'ol lady.
Coming home wasted will probably help!
BornRetard is the best!
"Im in the mood to pick up my fucking shoe, goddamit.
I call this photo: "BOHICA".
(Bend over here it comes again)
He just couldn't seem to get it together.
Finally he got his shoe on, and WormTits and I had to carry him upstairs. Once we got in his apartment and he realized his better half wasn't around and all of he sudden he popped up and wasn't so wasted?
An act?.... No time to think about it. WormTits and I ran out the front door, locking it behind us and ran for our waiting Uber cab. Later bub!
Finally made it to Gillys. My favorite bar in North Park.
It was karaoke night also. Don't worry, I didn't embarrass myself or anything.
Had a great time, sang Africa by Men At Work. Got wasted.
I stuck to Guinness the whole time I was there. Maybe a shot of Fireball or two.
What the fuck is that?



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