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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Shred Shots- July

Having a great time in the parks, getting radical...
 Sure it's a posed photo, but who cares. Little Ivan is all about fun.
 Sweaty ass boardslide on the mini hubba at Alga Norte skatepark.
 Front nose skidder at the newly revamped PQ park. 
Photo by Issac (pictured below)
 No-comply pipe jam by Issac.
 Another Pq park photo of DHodge doing a frontside blaster into the bank.
 BornRetard violating the rules of my ramp. Frontside sweeper.
 We skated it while it was raining, rock 'n roll.
The bub GucciBuck getting buck at PQ park at sunset.
Gonna miss this guy.



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