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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- BornRetard & The Old Mill Cafe

Welcome back my beloved EatFiend Nation!
I'm trying to be much more consistant with the blogging and what not. Also gonna try to pump out another vid, real soon.
 Photos of BornRetard trying to mooch his way into bowling.
 "I want that ticket!" In regards to us going to Queens of the Stone Age for Halloween.
 BornRetard filter.
 Biscuit, making a mess.
 Run, skate, chill...
 This dude rips. Unbelievably gnarly.
 Dinner at Old Mill Cafe. Sam Adams has got me covered in the thirst department.
 Nice and empty. We were there roughly 45 minutes before closing time.
Mouth watering reuben sandwich. This place rules. Fair prices too.
This got me unbelievably hyped on all things rock & roll and skating!



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