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Monday, August 4, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Hella Hungry

Keeping the hella hungry hype train going...
Sick ride.
Yes I am.
Eating and driving to softball. We are always late, but we are the hardest playing dirtbags on our team.
Blind Lady Ale house.
Beer art.
"Whats a Retard Gotta Do?"
This was the day after WormTits and I had to carry his drunk ass up to his apartment. Apparently he woke up the next day for work and drank beers at the bus stop. GARBAGE LIFE!
After he got off of work he went straight to the bar, had a few pints, saw us and invited himself to bowling. Sorry bub, it's kind of a family environment.
This never gets old.
Failed panorama.
Quasi successful panorama shot.
Great sci-fi flick.
Pizza time! Dominos Ultimate Pepperoni pizza is the shit!
In case you don't know, the new Shit Show is up.
New curb crusher.
We shit all over them.
Garden harvest.
One of my favorite movies.
Night terrors..
Bull dog in a chair.
Black Flag.
Got rails on that bitch, too!
Time well spent.
Jason Jessee art.
Original Rowleys. Bought these at Pacific Drive back in '99.
Breakfast bowl.
National hot dog day was a success. Bacon wrap them bitches!
From the right...
And the left!
Bacon wrapped hot dogs.
American Psycho.
Morning hype. This video is still super amazing. Great soundtrack too!



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