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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Biscuit and the San Diego Zoo w/ GucciBuckTim

Moving along here at EF.Hq.
In case anyone is wondering, football season starts in just 26 days. Bbq's will be lit and beers will be crushed. There will be beer.
Eye spy...
A little furry monster man in a tree!
Handsome looking fucker right there.
He loves the back yard.
Unbelievably psyched on this $20 purchase.
Some very inspiring shit.
Eaddies East Buffalo Phillt cheese steak sandwich.
I wonder what hippo tastes like...
The zoo rules.
Sweet camera set up.
Biscuits long lost cousin.
So sick.
GucciBuck Gay Vulture.
Striking a pose.
Downtown S.D. shot from the chair lift.
Yea, yea I know my camera sucks, but you can suck it.



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