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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Rooster In My Rari

New shit has come to light man...
Kids lurking in the shade by the office. It's been hot as balls as of late.
This was a real bummer. RIP.
This shit makes me laugh so hard.
Greasy ass grilled cheese with sliced cherry tomatoes from the garden.
With PBR, of course.
Yeah Right
Sloppy hot dog feeding frenzy.
Shred time at the park.
Rooster in my Rari!
I assume it's a cock driving a Ferrari.
Fresh corn from the garden!
The tips were a little weird. No big deal, just chop 'em off.
Pushing around with ItWasTheLight.
Blinded by the Light
Cat Cult.
Spot scouting with BK. Was was interested in the hand rail, but I was eyeing up that frontside slppy!
Shitty run up. Not worth it.
Mandatory Biscuit pic.
Churchs chicken. Hell fuckin' yea!

New internet series I'm hooked on. Fucking awesome!



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