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Friday, August 1, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Panoramas and Random Stuff

Coming at you like a rhino in heat. New video projects are in the works....Stay tuned.
Panorama shot of PQ park. This place rules.
Cool feature on my shit Droid.
Hyped on PQ park these days. I see Willy Santos there all the time. Nice dude, fucking rips.
Furry Monster man.
Feeding my spider.
Lakeside park. There's always fucking scooter kids doing backflips here.
I love Jeff Grosso.
This got me hyped, even though all I can on tranny is 50-50's.
But I love Rowley more.
Meow. Probably the best photo I've taken of her.
Bre has a basket of rocks and a weiner!



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