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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Skateparks, Bowling & Trivia

Coming in hot like a greasy slice of fucking pizza!
Hesh park. This place rules.
All kinds of shitty gutter punk propaganda.
I once saw a dude frontside half cab this spine and it blew my fucking mind. No grab.
"Get Da Money From Whitey"
Memo homies gettin' buck! Hardflip over the lounging homie.
GucciBuckTim was in town, he was psyched to be back at his old stomping grounds.
Enjoying ourselves.
Filmed a couple of clips of him. Will be in the next Shit Show.
East countys Parkway Bowl rules.
All of this food was under $20. Corn dogs are only $1.79.
Lurkville bowling team.
GucciBuck had a rad way of tossing the ball.
Always a good time. Never as easy as Wii bowling.
Minor repairs being done at Carlsbad park.
This park kills it. Despite a fuck load of kids, it's really fun.
Potato chip stuffed salami sandwich.
Tomatoes fresh from the garden. Very proud of the fact I grew these fuckers from seeds.
My dad says I have a "green thumb". 
The Island. This is probably my favorite bowl in San Diego.
Drone filming at the newly renovated PQ park.
This place and Memo are where I like to get my pop on. Do some shit that requires ollieing,
So much fun shit.
Get my huck on.
Down time in the backyard. America! Fuck yea!
Love it.
Taco kids behind the Hideout during trivia.
I got drunk and ate like five of these fucking things.
WormTits talking to some tail.
DonaldGatley tossing them back with me.
Got the bonus round questions and got a free round of kamakazie shots, courtesy of the bar!
There are never enough tacos in the world to satisfy the Beast within.



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