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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery-Trolling Around and Poker Night

Let the good times roll.
YMCA vert ramp is always a hit with the skate campers.
I need to shred this bowl more often if I'm ever gonna be able to grind it.
"I'll be out back, I'm going to find a tree to chop down."
Bill Murray is the fucking man.
'Nuff said.
Oh I mean it!
The burgers at Carls Jr. always amaze me.
I love the char-broiled taste. They are a close 2nd behind In N Out.
I go psycho for burgers too!
This thing was amazing.
Morning hype.
 Tree kitty.
 Trying to catch a lizard.
Lurkville HQ.
 Some really sick boards.
 GucciBuck setting up a new stick.
Hanging with the Lurkville bro's. Always a good time with these dudes.
Exploring fence hopping options. I prefer the wedge, easier to climb than straight up a flat fence.
I didn't scale it as quickly as these dudes did, but I got my fat ass up and over without ripping my pants or embarrassing myself.
Never stop hopping fences!
 Beautiful man right here!
 Zensei sushi.
Slims barber shop.
 Poker! There is Mr.SmokingTurtle himself! AKA Craigosaur.
 Stinky being a bully as usual.
 Piech was the evenings winner. He was psyched.
 Passed out.
Plenty of beers to go! It's gonna be a long night.
Getting creepy.
 Best posters ever.
 DonaldGately blasting that Queens of the Stone Age.
 Don't know why I took this photo. I was drunk.
 Slumbering Piech.
 Hung over WormTits.
 Bird shit covered Sasquatch.
 Kissing seals.
The real Big Foot is on the lower left.

Thing was rad.

This got me hyped!
Yep, I am a fucking asshole.



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