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Friday, August 8, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- The Return of GucciBuckTim

It's always a great pleasure to learn that the bub from Oz is coming home for a few days...
...don't know what the circumstances were, but I sure as fuck wasn't about to complain.
Beautiful people. GucciBuck and Zeus! A match made in heaven.
NastyNeil wasn't wasting any time on the pre party action.
The FillipinoKing and CodySTM came by to see their beloved Ozzy cunt. Couple of bubs in tow, too!
NastyNeil and Zeus making meat skewers.
Grill time! Look at that smoke baby!
Best of friends catching up with eachother.
I was grilling a tri-tip for the masses. I'm hyped how it came out. Even got the nod from Zeus, it was so good!
Lamb and chicken skewer station.
We are Meat Men,
Bbq glazed looking chunk of meat! Shove it down my suckhole!
Now time for the ribs.
Oh yea, I forgot to mention that we were bbqing over at NastyNeils house because it was a joint birthday bbq for himself and Zeus!
Zeus couldn't have been more excited!
All systems go!
Tri-tip came out pretty darn good, if I may say so myself.
Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.
Guy on the right was the guitarist to the Dwarves. Never really got into them, not sure why. They are a kick ass band.
For your listening pleasure.
I gave Zeus the 'ol BornRetard filter.
Who's got short shorts?
Then DonaldGately and WormTits showed up with a bottle of Jameson and the shit show ensued.
Meat mouth.
NastyNeil got his bub Greg on the phone via face time and who does it turn out he is with? The Mule himself, Erik Ellington. Although judging by the size of that nose, you probably think it's Mr.CrabJew himself, BornRetard.
What the fuck is that?



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