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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Randumbness

Hop to it, crack yerself a brew. Spark up and enjoy.
Nathan For You cracks me the fuck up.
I back it pretty hard.
Biscuit loves his new beanie buddy.
I'm not yer fwiend, budday!

Morning hype.
Lurking cats outside of Larues new place.
Dr. Evil
New wall hanger. So psyched on this one.
Always a good time hanging with Rusty.
Although he is married with kids, the beast still comes outta him from time to time.
Taste the beast!
Getting drunk.
I want a beer just thinking about this night.
Drunk sandwich time.
Fresh from the garden.
Last squash. Time to plant something new!
Another awesome wall hanger. On the come up!
Michael Bay is a douche.
Randumb drawing I put on Capt.Sahis care package. He's 40 years old now.
I love bananas.
Found a certified piece of suck down in Chula Vista.
Equipped with plenty of scooter rats.
This thing was awesome.
Nothing appears to be over 12 inches.
I definitely got my slappy hubba on.
Then I lip slid this beast!
A gift for BornRetard if he ever skates again.
Shredded pork taco.
We are the biting fart bubbles...
Skate night bbq.
My favorite Gonz part.
Shit is gnarly.
Minutes before 2.a.m.
Solo session.
Carnitas snack shack
Biscuit needs a beer.



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