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Friday, July 11, 2014

EatFiend @ Pacific Coast Chinese Restaurant

Sometimes you just crave that good old fashioned MSG...
Pacific Coast Chinese Restaurant is a nice hole in the wall place that can serve you yer greasy food quick and cheap. Located on 3310 University Avenue, 92104, it's not yer typical North Park over priced hipster hang out.
Located next to a Subway, if you wanted to commit to a bang-bang. 
Looks like the inside of a Subway.
Picture menu. Perfect!
Looks like it's been sitting there for hours, but hey, I'm down for it.
I'll eat it allllllllllll!
Bullet proof register.
What more can one ask for?
The lady was really nice.
I heard music coming from their office. Looked like the owner and his son were jamming!
I'll be coming back here again for sure.



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