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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery-Biscuit, Garden and other Randumbness

Welcome back to another edition of M.B.
A place where you can satisfy all of your needs for whatever it is I do.
Morning hype.
Scrambled eggs with salsa, jammed up toast and coffee!
Feeling young and spry!
Hyped on this gift from Butterface.
It's been hot as fuck.
This hot.
Mailing letters. Support yer local USPS.
Time for some sexy Biscuit pics!
So handsome.
Lunch at Taco Bell.
Jungle kitty.
Popsicle power!
Helping Donald Gately move. We moved his couch and the color differentiation was.... hilarious.
Flicking off Neil.
Went and spent some time at a memorial.
Thaete clan.
Snake. This dude looked like a real killer.
Taco Bell breakfast. Not bad, but I could easily make it at the house.
Jungle kitty.
"You can't see me!"
Rip it up!
Gardening time!
All revved up and ready to go! My tomato's, chili peppers and cilantro are doing great!
Tree climber.
I love this dog.
Route 44.
The bub Jimmy Carlin is killing it on Circa. I just saw his pro model. So sick.
Congrats bub! Dreams do come true!
Have a shitty day.



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