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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Skate Ridin', The Larb and Hanging With The Lurkers

EatFiend is nearing it's 300th post. 
A celebration is in order.... the masses will fill the air with bbq smoke, beers will be cracked open and the 15th installment of The UnCut Shit Show will premiere....
Hanging at Hesh park.
The older I get, the fatter I get, the slower I get.
Get it?
Butterface shooting selfies.
In his usual buttery manner.
On this day particularly, it was my birthday. Had to go in for a few drinks at the L.C.!
Bathroom scibblings.
Keeping the kids hyped on skateboarding by taking Skate Camp to all the newest, freshest parks.
CBad park is amazing.
Saw Taylor Kirby there. He kills it on Deathwish. I Instagrammed this photo, but I don't think he liked it.
Been hanging out in the back yard...
Working on general wizardry shit.
I love Creature.
Marinated some chicken in cilantro, olive oil, tomatoes, onions and celery.
Made chicken tacos with Fritos on that bitch!
Office space.
Late night munchies.
Drawing The Larb.
I feel like every version is a version of me.
Who doesn't love thine Larb?
Not sure if I ever posted it, but here's a Larb Bonus Part!
Oldest sticker at Coronado park.
Bang bang action. Fast food style.
Biscuit sleeps in all kinds of crazy contorted ways.
Check it out on Hella Clips!
Mr. Magic Man BK killing it.
Lurkvilles dudes are always out there in the streets.
This spot is pretty fun. Down the street.
Andy Mak was there shredding too!
Buncha sexy lookin' mother fuckas!
ItWasTheLight had his HoPro running.
"Man we aint found shit!"
Don't do it.
Biscuit was out hunting lizards.
Road trip up north.
Being on the road is fun.
Hail, hail the gangs all here.
Back to the basics.



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