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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Cooking Ribs And Other Randumbness

Greetings fellow EatFiends...
I hope this gets you motivated to go shred or buy a huge fucking piece of meat, cook it and eat it.
 Not sure if I posted this, but the DMV is gonna get alot funner.
I present to you the butter blocks (second one not shown), courtesy of Butterface.
 No fate but what we make. Terminator 2, easily makes top 10 sci-fi movies in my opinion.
For your listening pleasure. I fucking love original movie scores.
 The gathering of minds. Perhaps a project is in the works...
 Bought this beautiful rack of pork ribs. Alot of fun to cook. Evens mores funs tos eats.
 Drank a shit load of Long Hammer IPA during the process.
 Sliced the ribs individually, and boiled them in water for about 45 minutes to make them nice and tender. 
 Had an extra chunk of meat that was attached to the ribs.
 So I threw it in a pot and put the lid on it and let it boil for about an hour. Made pulled m pork sliders outta' that bitch.
 The ribs got nice and tender.
 Then I threw them in a plastic bowl with some bbq and a little added brown sugar. While they were steaming hot, I let them sit in the bowl and soak up the bbq sauce for about 45 minutes.
 Then onto the the grill the went.
 ShadyNasty is still looking good these days.
 Cooked the ribs and torned them every 5 minutes for about 45 minutes.
They came out perfect.
 Had some corn on the cob as a side.
 Look at dat grissle!
Oh yea, WromTits made collard-greens with ham in it. Fucking delicious. And I madejalapeno-cream cheese corn bread. A meal fit for a King!



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