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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Zensei Sushi & Typical Culture 'Zine #7 Release Party

Welcome back everybody.
Lets get started.
Dear Jeff, When?

Tripped out flower I saw on a walk with Ladyarb.
Zensei Sushi.
Fire roll, my favorite.
Pizza roll. Tasted nothing like pizza. All it had was melted cheese on top.
None the less, I ate the shit outta' it.
Bart Club
Often I'm on trip A, but sometimes I like to turn it up a notch and log onto Trip B.
Fresh from my own back yard. Gardening is fun..... and still Metal, I say.
Little furry monster man got me good.
Costco lunch. So good. Look at that slice shine in the sun!
It's alright, lots of shitty music. But the skating rips.
This has been giving me a hard time lately.
Play dead.
Fresh from the garden, green onions.
More pictures WITH extra pepperoni.
Typical Cultures Zine #7 release party at Til Two Club, here in North Park.
Chango Rey killed it. He plays all the fun events. Can't say I'm tired of his music either.
Here comes trouble!
Always a good time with Roy and Zeus. Love these guys.
Beautiful man, but I think BornRetard has him beat in the Gonzo-nose look alike contest.
Clearly I'm drunk, cuz I'm all squinty.
"Get that fuckin' camera outta' my face!"
"Just kidding, I love ya budday!"
Don't know what the hell is going on here...
Satan, Green room, blah blah blah...
"Let me tell you something sweetheart....."
Butterface (center) does not look amused.
Time to walk to the car and piss it off!
Fuck iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Looke like Roy has 3 thumbs.



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