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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Learning Curve With The Smoker

Love the gift LadyLarb got me for my birthday, but gosh darn it, propane is a tricky bitch to work with....
...Or maybe I'm not the pit master I claim to be. Oh well, fuck it.
Yea, yea I know it's EatFiends 300th post. More shit is coming in the future.
Don't touch that dial.
 I think I changed her name to Oprah, 'cuz she's big, black and beautiful.
 Put a rak of ribs inside the rack as well as some corn and potatoes.
 Tri-tip was ever present too.
 I let the ribs cook on a high temperature for about 40 minutes, then I threw the tri tip in.
 Veggies cooked pretty fast. Everything cooks fast in this fucker.
 Grilled some sliced squash on top.
 Poor ShadyNasty has been reduced to a mere cutting table. I'll be back baby, don't you forget me!
 The tri tip came out well, and the ribs came out well done.
 Biscuit didn't care, he just wanted in on that action.
 ItWasTheLight was there for the feast!
 After cutting away all that gristle, ribs weren't that bad!
 Baked mac 'n' cheese. That's right, I said baked mother fucking mac 'n' cheese!
Don't remember eating this, but I'll assume it was a midnight snack.



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