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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Crepes and Lurking with ItWasTheLight

This post is a few weeks old, who cares...
Took my Mom out to our favorite crepe spot in Coronado.
Savory hungry bear crepe.
Can't say I disliked it.
Biscuit in a coma.
Cilantro that was harvested in my own garden!
"It's not me, it's you..."
Shredding under protest.
Making something outta' my cilantro.
Jarred that shit up. Didn't want anything to go to waste.
San Diego night photo from the Coronado bridge.
Bbq or die! As is tradition...
Tri tip and corn on the cobb. Seems like a good night!
Old fat fuck HankyPoo. Fattest dog in all the land.
His owner is an even bigger fat fuck!
Proffessor Zoidberg understand the methodology of grilling or dying.
Trick list.
ItWasTheLight with some old snowboard footage.
Didn't get one. Should have.
Jesus freak claiming to be like Jesus.
Jesus didn't half ass it with a fucking wheel on his cross.
Mall grab.
Double hat life.
Blunt life.



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