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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shred Shots- Februrary thru June (MrShine, HeshAustin, Butterface, BornRetard, CodyCarlin, CT, ItWasTheLight & Larue)

I witness a shit load of shredding. Everybody rips these days and everybody has a camera in their hands to capture those certain moments of shredding that only we love and understand.
Ollie over a trash can off a small bump at Coronado park.
Screen grab of Butterface back five-o at Prince park. Click here to see the footy.
Can't even remember if I posted this one or not. Whatever.
BornRetard with a sewer trench ollie at Home Avenue ditch.
Yers truly with a slappy at Josephs compound.
Screen grab of Larue- ollie over the rail at some school in Pt. Loma.
Click here to see his UnCut Shit Show part!
The bub Cody came by. Sure his brother is Jimmy Carlin, but I prefer Codys style of skating.
Much more raw. Kickflip the pyramid at Coronado park.
Pipe jam down the quarterpipe.
Yers truely with a switch pipe jam.
The Island.
Larue breaking in the new Carlsbad park (Alga Norte skatepark).
Wallie up and over. Took him a few trys to get this one, then he rolled up to a local, hit the fools joint and nailed it that try. Badass!
Click here to view this insane shit.
That's a better shot.
Night moves with ItWasTheLight.
No curb his safe from his back 5-0's.
The two photos above are more screen grab.
The old homie Charlie Thomas boardsliding Hollywood high back in the day.
Also yours truely with a layback boardslide to crash.
Good times!
More ItWasTheLight.
Screen grab at Carlsbad park.
Backside grind around the corner.
Spent a day in downtown with Butterface. 12th & Imperial trolley station wallride.
.....and frontside. I posted this pic on Instagram, it's funny 'cuz pictures of Butterface get more likes than any other pictures I post. Can't blame 'em, he's a beautiful man.

ItWasTheLight, loading dock backside grind.
This was taken during skate-club. MrShine with a big melon grab at Carmel Valley skatepark.
Big boy doing a big boardslide at Hesh park. A.K.A. Robb Field skatepark.
The older I get the more fun I have at SlowB.
Dang, I just realized ItWasTheLight is pretty much the King of backside grinds.... and filming too.
Fresh N Easy.
Butterface with a quick noseslide pop out.
Memo park.
The bub HeshAustin with a lengthy frontboard.
Memo park.
Larue with a first time frontside carve at WSVT.
He did it multiple times 'cuz he was having fun. That's what it's all about, right?
Yea, since it's my blog, I'm gonna end it with ME!
Wallride at the old DotCom spot. Just up the street from North Park.



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