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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Ramen Noodle Shittyness

Can't stop this hype train, especially with all the momentum I've got going. Stay hyped! Eat Fucking Fiend!
Used VX1000. Love the clarity.
Little bit of rot on some tomatoes from the garden.
Biscuit having his first taste of Greek yogurt.
It's gone.
I got spots. Chula Vista.
I'll get BornRetard drunk if he can boardslide the whole thing, around the corner to fakie/switch firecracker down the two step.
Same spot, different ledge.
Been exploring bbq sauce options.
Bacon me.
Boiling a little milk and butter.
A different method to cooking some ramen noodles.
Awwww yea!
Added a bunch of left over cheese in the 'fridge.
Melt that shit!
A few glasses of Jameson can't hurt, right?
This shit cracked me up.
And some sausage. This dish was delicious, but I think I under cooked the sausage which was what caused me to shit myself on the eve of 4th of July.

Now get out there and go shit yerself instead of reading some chumps blog about it.



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