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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Island Crap and a Bacon Wrap

Hope you like it, die if you don't.
It happens. I steal WormTits' food all the time.
Corn is killing it. Look at that skirt on Oprah!
Butterface and his new toy. Even when he's not looking at the camera he's cool.
Took the in-laws dog for a walk.
Big ass hill Capt.Sahi bombed back in the day. It has the widest, fattest cracks.
De Matto skatepark. For those of you that don't know, you ain't missing shit.
Lots of crazy shit going down during Comic Con.
Walking around the neighborhood.
Dog food.
Human food. Crazy burger "Greek burger". Half ground lamb, half ground beef with some tsaziki sauce. I have no idea how the hell to spell fucking "tzazsiki".
Fuck it.
Chicken salad at work. Gotta get that fiber in, may as well get paid to do it.
Dog beach on the Island with Daisy. It was  a peaceful good time.
She wanted to go nuts, but has a strict leash policy. Womp womp.
Cute lil' bugger.
But nothing can replace the home this furry little monster man holds in my heart.
Good lookin' mutha fucka'!
URBN with WormTits. This was a glass of "Le Freak" bu Green Flash.
It was fucking strong, meaning I was fighting garbage cans in no time.
Nagrom and her box of forgotten goodies. And I'm not talking about the cardboard box.
This never gets old.
Bacon wrap!
I'm a fucking master at this.
Stuffed it with mac' n' cheese and asparagus.
The line at Taco Bell on the Island.
I hate the fucking Island.



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