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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

EatFiend @ Polite Provisions / Soda & Swine

Went out to Polite Provisions/ Soda & Swine recently... 
I had some mixed feelings about going to the bar that replaced my beloved Kadans (RIP).
But it was a time of celebration and I was hungry and thirsty, so my feelings were anguished the moment I got a cold beer in my hand.
 Both places have their own entrances, so we entered through Soda & Swine.
The place was pretty cool. Exposed wood beams and natural lighting coming through from the ceiling. The menu had a decent list of craft beers, but I was their for the food!
I have been twice so far, and each time I go, I order two different sliders at a time. Just take a look at that savory menu!
So we ventured through the back of Soda & Swine and came thru to the back of Polite Provisions. First thing I noticed was a giant bowl of alcoholic fruit punch ($30)! You have to have a minimum of four people at your table to order this. In all honesty, it tasted like jungle juice. The type of shit you mix together with yer bubs at a frat house.
Oh yea, I forgot to mention the whole reason we were their was because it was Janas birthday!
Happy birthday Jana!
I was happy to be there for some day drinking since every time I drive/walk by it's super crowded.
Everything was nice and clean. It felt like I was in a Victorian pub in England in the 1800's.
Quite the good time, jolly 'ol chap!
Typically of me, I drank up quite an appetite and wolfed down both of my sliders before I had the chance to take apicture of them. What you see before you is the half eaten scotch egg they served me in my own little cast iron skillet. I think all appetizers/sides are served in their own mini cast iron skillets. T just realized I really like saying "cast iron skillet".
Pretty much drank myself upside down.
Since I didn't really know many of Janas friends, I just walked around the joint and took pictures.
All employees wore vests. Pretty cool in my opinion.
Old register. I loved all of the wood trimming. I like a cozy bar.
I came across some waiters note book and drew and angry cock inside, just for the fuck of it.
Just think, when that book is closed, that penguin has to stare at my angry cock!
I gotta say I digged the joint. From here I was trying to vision the old Kadans. Made me sad for a brief moment. Lots of good times were had there.
Crazy how different it looks these days.
Bus stop is still there. Plenty of lurkers.
Standard bar shot.
Place had lots of room. Even a mixing table (right), if you wanted to learn how to make cocktails by their bartenders.
The day went on and I decided to purchase one more for the road. Why not make it the most powerful cocktail they have? Apparently it had absinthe and 151 in it. It tasted like shit. Foo foo fucking cocktail.

Anyway, that's all I got. It's a good place to take yer girl, but not my kinda digs.



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