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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Homemade Pizza and Spot Scouting

Staying on top of this bitch! 
Taste the Beast!
This is exactly how I feel when I come home from work until I crack a brew or my wife snaps me outta it. Work sucks.
Each zine gets better than the last.
Piech! And Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!
Fuck you Donald.
From now on I'm calling this the "BornRetard-Filter".
Panorama. Poker night is always fun.
Afterwards, late night Mexican food.
Brothers from different mothers.
White Power Cody. Just kidddddddiiiiinnnng!
DIY pizza night.
Had to get more than one shot with Biscuit in it.
Bbq chicken pizza.
Boom. So good. Gotta figure out a tastier dough method.
Pepperoni and jalapeno pizza.
All of Biscuits toys from underneath the couch. He loves paper balls.
Flowers for the wife.
Fungus eating my squash.
Corn is ruling.
Wizard Retreat 2014
Living spaces.
Slid into third.
"Ha ha ha! Yea, that pussy Nans won't come skate!"
Heard it myself.
Hippy hop spot. Wanna do it on the next national holiday.
Gaps like these are a cake walk for kids these days. For me however, it just makes my ankles ache just starring at it.
Totally doable, right?
Run up.
Self bearded portrait.
ItWasTheLight putting the hours, documenting the stoke.
That's so saaaaaaaaad.
Used ShadyNasty as a deep-fry station.
Oh, how the mighty fall.
It's great for making chips without making the house a million degrees.
Killing it.




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