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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- Skate Camps and the Del Mar Fair

Can't say that life is bad. All I do is work, shred, drink, stink, repeat. Enjoy.
 Part of the newly upgraded PQ park. So much more fun now.
 SorryEntertainer was there, getting fucking gnar as usual.
 Yep, he definitely did this more than once.
 Fuuuuuuuuuuucking shredder!
 On to more pressing matters. DonaldGately found some hipster tags tat he liked.
 Committing a bang-bang.
 My garden.
 Clairemont YMCA- aka fucking scooter hell hole. 
The mini ramp is fun as fuck though.
 Toddler or Old man training facility? You tell me.
 Matt Hoffman doing a photo shoot. The Y actually had employees standing around telling us we couldn't be in the background of the photo. Buncha kooks.
 Sick flyer I saw at Route44.
 Love this shop.
 Squash I managed to grow.
 New shred sled, by the time I write this, this deck is toast.
 New wheels, bearing, trucks, hardware. I was hyped!
 The Larb was present.
 Some sorta Beatles theme going on at the Del Mar Fair.
 That's funny.
 Didn't go, Wish I did.
 Creep show, coincidentaly, this is where Cos has been hiding...
 This is where a drunken BornRetard crawls outta' when he gets hammered.
All zombified.
 Yes please!
 Oh yea, serve me a beer, bitch!
 Need these at home.



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