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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mandatory Bloggery- UnionLeatherWorks Birthday Bash

Going out and having a good time is what EatFiend is all about.
These are events leading up to UnionLeatherWorks birthday bash.
Checked with MeowLynn forst. Such a beautiful Princess.
Spot check: National City Honda dealership on Mile of Cars.
Lets shred it!
Drink. Bbq. Die. Or...
The choice is yours.
Slap some meat on that grill!
Fucking cheeseburger action? Where's the bacon?
Womp womp.
Biscuit, letting it all hang out.
That one time I was wasted standing at a Del Taco walk-thru and Tyrone Taylor, owner of Lurkville skateboards drove up to feed his mouth hole. Hungry minds think alike...... except I was wasted.
Watermelon heaven! Makes me wish I had a giant mallet.
A personal hero of mine. I'm better than all of you at smashing shit.

Costco pizza so greasy it'll slide off the plate.
Machaca Brothers strike again!
On to the birthday bash. DeliSandwich was assuming grilling responsibilities.
Take it in...
Mother fuckin' bacon wrapped dogs! Awwwwwwwwwwww YEA!
I brought the double beer bong for some guy-on-guy action.
This cute little puppy. She was all bark and no bite.
Lots of people showed up, 'cuz lots of people feel that UnionLeatherWorks is the shit! 
I couldn't agree more.
Lurkers and Creatures own, Truman Hooker. All of these guys are equally amazing on a skateboard.
Equally as burnt off it too.
Boo ya!
Everybody got some shredding in. I however was too drunk.
"Forever in black jeans, BABE!"
Butterface being buttery, as is tradition.
Clinebell showing off his Globetrotter skills. He may be too white to jump, but he sure did spin the fuck outta that ball.
Happy birthday bub, yer one awesome dude.
Love ya.

Somewhere out there on the Instagram world is me, blacked out trying to sing the blues.....
If anybody comes across any clips of me being obnoxious this night, send them to me!



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